Terms of service

Order Processing

One Photo ID Proof Needed for our legal verification while making order to Pixel.Once we receive Payment by Payment Gateway, We will generate an online Invoice which will be sent to your registered email Id within 24 hrs, Please refer your the Invoice Number for future correspondence.

Pixel Responsibilities

Pixel agrees to render services, which are paid for in advance by the Client, subject to complete compliance with the AUP and these Terms of Service. Pixel reserves the right to refuse the provision of Services to any potential Client and/or to deny renewal of Services to any existing Client, at its sole discretion.

Changes to Terms of Service and AUP

Pixel‚ Terms of Service and AUP are both subject to change at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of Pixel. A change in policy shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment. Client recognizes that the nature of the service supplied and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to the Client. The Client is aware that from time to time rates may change based on availability of hardware, overall market conditions or other factors. Clients will be notified of any increases in rates or charges prior to the billing renewal date on which such increases will take effect.

Non-Payment/Service Interruption

Services interrupted for non-payment may be subject to a penalty of Rs.1000/– as late fee. Data stored on a Client's services will not be available to the Client until reconnection is established or alternative arrangements are made to the sole satisfaction of Pixel. Client's accounts deactivated for non-payment or charge-back are subject to their data being destroyed seven (7) days from suspension/charge-back date. Pixel is not responsible for data integrity, in such circumstances. Pixel strongly recommends that the Client should keep up to date and off network backups to protect against data loss.


Some of the services rendered by Pixel are eligible for a refund. Prepayments and account credit are ineligible to be refunded, or transferred to alternate accounts. Any and all charge disputes must be reported directly to Pixel within thirty (30) days of the date which the charge originally occurred. If a charge which is deemed valid by Pixel, and validated by our Terms of Service or AUP, is disputed to a financial institution by performing a charge-back, then the Client agrees to pay an 'Administrative Fee' of Rs.2000/- in addition to original amount of funds which were reclaimed.


In the event a service is suspended for non-payment, it will be subject to termination seven (7) days from the time of suspension. At which time, a termination fee of Rs.2000/– will be applied to the account which must be paid within 15 days to avoid full account suspension. Pixel assumes no liability for the integrity of the data stored on a suspended server.


Pixel requires a thirty (30) days notice of cancellation prior to the billing renewal date for the upcoming billing cycle, submitted via support ticket. A thirty (30) days notice before the upcoming billing date is also required for any downgrades. All Client data will be destroyed immediately after the cancellation date. If the notice of cancellation is not provided within thirty (30) days, the server will still be canceled however a termination fee of Rs.2000/– will be applied to the account and must be paid within 15 days to avoid full account suspension.


Pixel provides support related to each direct Client's service functioning. Pixel only ensures the correct default installation of any software item chosen from the order form, and in no way assumes liability for the configuration of any of the installed software. Pixel is not responsible for any downtime associated with the incorrect configuration of operating system kernels or any software, whether installed by Pixel or the Client. Pixel may provide enhanced software support (including kernel configuration) for an additional fee. Please contact sales or support for enhanced support pricing. Pixel will only provide support directly to Clients of Pixel.